Video is an important medium not only for news, but also for a lifestyle series in a digital age. The Telegraph has been experimenting with viewer submitted videos on lifestyle with videos on pop culture, beauty, pub tricks, magic tricks, and even a digital guide to whiskey tasting. According to the article, “Men’s content has been getting the highest number of views and engagement, according to Ben Sinden, director of video content at The Telegraph.”

One way to measure the impact of video journalism is by views—not simply by volume, but by views with an action tied to them. “The Telegraph’s video team is split roughly three ways, with a third of staff producing video exclusively for the news agenda, a third for series content and a third for brand content,” reports

These kinds of popular and engaging 60 second to 5 minute videos draw viewers, advertisers, and sponsors to the Telegraph. In a digital age, this is a media strategy news outlets are looking to emulate.