The Online News Association 2016 conference took place in Denver, Colorado. The newsroom at the conference was staffed by college students and served 2,200 digital journalists and innovators. Topics ranging from virtual reality, distributed content, interactive tools, audience engagement, and analytics were covered at length by top innovators in journalism today.

Media Shift reports four key topics covered at the Conference: automation, immersive storytelling, social media platforms, and experimentation. Media shift interviewed two prominent leaders at the conference as well:  Joshua Hatch, ONA president and assistant managing editor of data and interactives at Washington, D.C.’s own, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and David Cohn, ONA treasurer and senior director at Alpha Group.

The idea of an online news association conference provides news outlets and journalists with new ways to look at their content. In the future, I believe that all news will be online. This conference provides a space for digital journalism to thrive and grow.