Twitter is now on the market to the highest bidder. The social media platform goes by the Nasdaq name, TWTR. You would think Twitter’s stock would be fairly high, as it has 313 million average monthly active users. In a report from Reuters, late on Wednesday the stock “was down 9.21 percent in after-hours trade at $22.58 [a share].” And “the company has struggled to generate revenue growth and profit.”

The recent fall in stock value is due to Google, Apple, and now Disney’s refusal to bid on the company, not Twitter’s inability to make money. The question remains as to Twitter’s fate, and what’s next for social media platforms and journalists?

Twitter has become increasingly popular as a news resource. We must remember that Twitter is digital platform, and platforms change over time. Technology is fickle, and in the digital world it’s a surprise that Twitter has remained as viable since its 2006 inception. The take away here is never to rely too heavily on one platform for journalism and news sourcing.