Digital innovation is how National Public Radio is beating its counterparts in broadcast journalism. Radio and NPR have always had a love hate relationship, as one platform stagnates and the news company struggles to evolve. But according to NPR, flagship programs, like Morning Edition and All Things Considered, broke broadcast audience records, particularly in the coveted 25-54 age demographic.

Growth in broadcast listenership can be attributed to the unusual election cycle, and an increasing audience thirst for factual news amongst a slew of opinionated talk radio shows.

However, NPR remains the leading publisher of podcasts according to Podtrac. The NPR Politics Podcast had 1,118,000 downloads during the first week of October this year.

NPR has made great advances on both digital and mobile platforms. Although some may see NPR as left leaning politically, the news organization’s coverage of politics and national news has made them popular among a younger more digitally savy audience.