We have been following Twitter’s sale and changes on this blog, especially how Twitter is a digital platform for journalists. Here are three insights from a Washington Post article about how Twitter will change to adapt in a digital world.

  • Video

Video advertisements will become coveted sponsorships on Twitter. Sports and Political news will be broadcast more using Twitter. The connection between a millennial audience on Twitter and video advertising is crucial.

“The company live streamed all three presidential debates, and pulled in an average 3.3 million viewers on the last two. Its audience was mostly under the age of 35, a lucrative segment for advertisers, the company said,” according to the Washington Post’s article.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Twitter has updated its algorithm to focus more on what’s important to its users, not only what is happening first. It has invested millions of dollars in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies so that is can deliver the fasted news that is the most relevant to each user. “This summer, [Twitter] paid $150 million for a firm called Magic Pony,” according to the Washington Post.

  • Online communities

Twitter has always catered to individuals, but it plans on becoming more community oriented. More emphasis will be placed on events and happenings. Hashtags serve this purpose, but more focused events coverage is important for journalists.