The NPR Story Lab is an incubator for new ideas and experiments in the newsroom. This project is advancing the ways that NPR broadcasts digital stories.

“It will break down walls between radio shows, podcasts, digital, video and news feature reporting,” according to NPR’s article.

Three new podcasts you might want to keep an ear out for are:

  • Drugged: A podcast about how the drugs we take change our bodies and our world. Cohosted by Lauren Silverman (KERA, Dallas TX) and Seema Yasmin (Dallas Morning News). This podcast is in partnership with KERA.
  • Do OverA podcast about your alternate timeline. Cohosted by Kelly Jones and Chioke I’Anson, produced by Claire Tacon.
  • The Stoop: A podcast telling stories about black identity that aren’t always shared in the open. It’s like a griot, newsroom, hair salon and your mama’s kitchen all in one. The team is comprised of KALW (San Francisco, CA) staff including co-hosts Leila Day and Hana Baba, and editor Julie Caine.

NPR is radio station. But with the advent of podcasting, NPR One has caught on as a place where listeners can download content and listen online.

Waiting until the show is broadcast on the air and being within FM Radio are no longer factors in radio!