Digital news is all about speed, and The Minneapolis Star Tribune is working to move entirely to a digital readership. Because, “Minneapolis is No. 1 in daily and Sunday newspaper readership,” according to Poynter’s article, this transition is a crucial one.

The newspaper has 454,881 Sunday print and digital subscribers and 387,587 print-only Sunday subscribers. About 10% of the newspaper’s revenue is coming from digital, and this is growing.

The newspaper created the Quick Strike team to draw in click traffic during the day.

They do this by, “[localizing] national news, [being] fast on social media, [jumping] on breaking coverage early and [grabbing] stories that fell between beats,” according to Karen Lundegaard, head of the digital team.

Audience engagement is their goal, and this team of journalists searches for newsworthy events during the day and ways to get mobile users interested.

Facebook is also important to the Minneapolis Star Tribune team, as they post once every 40 minutes during the day.

This digital team shows the way in which large newspapers will adapt to suit the needs of their readers, by mixing the ways in which they cover breaking news throughout the day.