The Columbia Journalism Review in a recent article looks at why journalists and the press are blamed for Trump’s unexpected triumph as the 45th President of the United States. Reporters also ended up with a bad reputation for getting the news wrong, despite a slew of fact checking and social media coverage throughout the election.

How do reporters and journalists end up with a damaged reputation after an unfortunate and unpredictable turn of events?

CJR’s article claims that “social media played a role, enclosing reporters in echo chambers that made it hard, if not impossible, for them to hear contrarian voices.” The social media storm that made it almost impossible for reporters to fact check generalizing statements and over simplified statistics from both candidates resulted in a bad reputation for even trying at all.

The article continues that, “the brutal economics of the news business hurt all [reporters’] efforts, decimating newsrooms around the country and leaving fewer people to grapple with what was a gargantuan story.

Whatever the reason may be, the next four years, for reporters will be as interesting to cover as it was to wring in.