According to a recent article from Poynter, fact-checking needs to be critiqued from a digital standpoint. The “Big Three” fact-checkers (, PolitiFact and The Washington Post’s Fact Checker) and despite their constant work throughout the election, they were unable to convince the American public of the facts.

The first argument where fact checking went wrong, was a larger distrust of the media and of both presidential candidates. “Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were respectively the most and second-most disliked candidates in at least 36 years, per FiveThirtyEight,” according to Poynter.

Is it the media’s role to convince people of the truth?

Fact-checker is a fairly new role in journalism. And journalists are working in an era of rampant distrust in the media. “NPR’s live fact-checking of the debate transcript was the most popular online offering in its entire history., ” according to Poynter, however it doesn’t mean that NPR’s prediction of who would be the next president was correct.

How can journalists work to raise the gravity of fact checking in online news?