With Donald Trump’s election as president, The Washington Post mentioned in a recent article that the FCC will take a step back on its work of ruling the internet and data air waves.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has spent the last few years tightening up the reigns on large telecommunications companies like AT&T and DirecTV.

According to The Washington Post, “under [Wheeler’s] watch, the FCC approved strict new rules for Internet providers that banned them from blocking or slowing consumers’ access to websites.”

In an era of internet deregulation, the FCC holds a historically crucial role in reigning in the free practices of large technology companies.

The internet right now is like the wild west of America and the FCC is the sheriff that hopes to tame and protect the citizens of the town. Trump is a cowboy who just walked into town looking for a dual, with a Republican Congress as his posse. Or at least, this is how Wheeler sees it.

The FCC worries that Trump and a largely Republican Congress will roll back some of the FCC’s more recent rulings that Obama passed into law on net neutrality and privacy. The rest is yet to come, and the effect this will have on billions of internet users and journalists.