The New York Times food editor, Sam Sifton, will text you turkey recipes per request this Thanksgiving. In Poynter’s article, The New York Times will now be able to text you recipes, advice, and guidance, right to your phone.

But is this ethical in the scope of digital journalism?

“I think we’re at a point right now where your phone’s inbox, your text inbox, is one of the last really intimate places,” Sifton said.

Apparently the Turkey Text is an experiment in messaging alerts for the New York Times. Users will not be able to respond, and one to three texts will be sent out a day to subscribers.

Sifton aims to get personal with his texts, even going so far as to add emojis and an intimate flare.

As people, like food editor Sifton, seek to warm themselves at our own holiday tables, how push message alerts and texting spread into the realm of journalism is another question. What’s next, a Martha Stewart turkey help line sponsored by Time Magazine?