Google Brain is the learning computer software behind Google Maps, YouTube, and anything Google on the internet.

Jeff Dean is Google Brain’s co-founder and leader. He recently did a Q&A with Fortune Magazine about the challenges involved in using artificial intelligence or AI.

Computers are able to learn from human input. Humans on the other hand learn from observations of their surroundings. Human vision is trained by unsupervised learning, such as recognizing objects as a car or giraffe. Dean says this is the goal with Google Brain’s AI.

The main place that Google is incorporating its AI into core products is through collaboration with Deep Mind, an AI startup bought by Google in 2014. Machine learning can be used in applications like controlling building air conditioning, to recognizing business signs throughout the world on Google Maps, to medical imaging.

AI is changing the world, and Google is ahead of the curve on developing uses for computer learning applications to simplify the daily lives of its users.