Tesla Motors led by CEO Elon Musk recently unveiled its all-electric model X 90D SUV. According to Market Watch, Consumer Report Magazine called the SUV flawed.

Consumer Report cited rear doors prone to pausing and stopping, second-row seats that can’t be folded, and limited cargo capacity.

These are minor complaints in the realm of electric car innovation that Tesla dominates.

Tesla motors was lauded recently for its ability to drive on auto-pilot through crowded streets in a test run, drop off its “driver,” and then parallel park itself outside on the street.

The $110,000 SUV received sub par reviews in its price category when compared to Jaguar and Audi. Both auto-makers who have broken into the Electric SUV category previously commandeered solely by Tesla.

Competition drives innovation, and we have yet to see what American consumers will favor in wake of low gas prices and a lacking public transportation infrastructure in most American cities. Will electric car prices get so low that they rival the functionality and ease of gas cars?