According to an article by the Columbia Journalism Review, The Washington Post has undergone a digital revolution.

Not knowing personally where the Washington Post came from, I don’t have much other comparison. To understand the scale, you would have to know how poorly the Washington Post was preforming just 4 years ago.

When Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon bought the Post in 2013, its news franchise had been decimated by Politico, it had lost its editor, and its digital business had four years earlier joined the mothership from an office in Arlington, Va., according to the CJR’s article.

Now Editor, Martin Baron is seen as a hero in the journalism industry, along with Joey Marburger, the paper’s director of product, and Shailesh Prakash, the Post’s chief information officer.

The Post has achieved a notable digital presence by utilizing Google tools for analytics, and a content management system that it now licenses to other news outlets, a business that could generate $100 million a year. They also utilize Facebook and Apple News daily.

This is the time of tech and newspaper companies working together to solve the problems of news information, and asking questions like how fast can we reach a paying audience with the best quality journalism possible.